Lluïsa Vidal

Retrat de Carlota Vidal, Lluïsa Vidal, cap a 1906

Lluïsa Vidal


Lluïsa Vidal

Lluïsa Vidal (1876 – 1918) was a notable figure of Modernism and her work was very well recognised during her life.  In a period when often the women dedicated themselves almost exclusively to painting flowers, she painted everything that surrounded her, just as her male peers did.  She dedicated herself exclusively to costume painting and portraits, in which women were total protagonists.  

The reviews she received throughout her life recriminated her for using too much force, too much creativity, that he had too virile an impulse.  But Lluïsa Vidal didn't paint the woman as an object from the masculine viewpoint, if not, throughout her work, she dedicated herself to portraying the interior of the feminine universe with simplicity and authenticity. 

She was probably the first woman in Barcelona and one of the few from all over Europe who could live from her art, between her paintings and the classes she gave in her own academy.  She participated in the feminist movement, collaborating with the magazine Feminal and with the Catalan Institute of the Woman.  After her death she fell into oblivion, and taking advantage of the quality of her paintings, several times the signature of her works was changed for more valued artists in the market.  In recent decades, extensive studies have been carried out of her life and work to once again recuperate and do justice to this personality of Catalan Modernism.



Portrait of Carlota Vidal, Lluïsa Vidal, circa 1906


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