Mela Muter

Retrat del marxant Josep Dalmau i Rafel, Mela Mutermilch, 1911

Mela Muter


Mela Muter

About Mela Muter (1876 – 1967), one of the most recognised Polish artists in Paris during the twenties and thirties, it was said that she painted "like a man".  Her art, very often far from the delicacies of how the women were supposed to have painted, was of a luminous and vibrant realism, which would absorb the post-impressionist European tendencies.

She came to Catalonia various times and here she didn't go unnoticed either: she got on well with people from the Catalan culture, among them being the art dealer and gallery owner Josep Dalmau, with whom she established a friendship and for this reason she painted various portraits of him.

During the Second World War she lived in Avignon, but problems with her sight slowed down her production.  The war and divorce left her in a precarious situation, alone, marked by the stigma of being Jewish and having participated in the Socialist cause, and without any connection with her original country and homeland.  She died when she was 91 years old and left the works she possessed to an NGO.

* Work exhibited in the room 72, area III.25 of Modern Art.








Portrait of the Art Dealer Josep Dalmau i Rafel, Mela Muter, 1911


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