Ángeles Santos

Nena (Retrat de Conchita), Ángeles Santos Torroella, Valladolid, cap a 1929

Ángeles Santos


Ángeles Santos

Ángeles Santos Torroella (1911-2013) was a Catalan artist forgotten and rediscovered many times.  Connected to the Generation of the 27, she had friendships with Juan Ramon Jiménez, Gómez de la Serra, Federico García Lorca, etc. She became an artist at an early age, who when she was 18 years old painted one of her masterpieces, Un Mundo (A World), currently in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Her production , however, is clearly divided in two very different periods.

First of all, the young Ángeles Santos adopted surrealism and expressionism, her most valued period, and which the work we are exhibiting belongs to; an avant-garde style, obscure, mystical and critical, which brought her immediate success in various Spanish cities.

As of 1936, when she began to exhibit in Barcelona, she suffered an artistic crisis and her style changed radically to adopt a much more pleasant, sweet and traditional language.  This change could have been due to the little success that her works had had in the city of Barcelona, where at that time noucentism dominated and where her style was considered to be gloomy. Anyway, with these more pleasing works she was able to continue painting and selling in the post-war Spain.   

The ups and downs of history meant that, after Franco's dictatorship, when the interest for the avant-garde was reborn, precisely the early works of Ángeles Santos would become popular, that situated her in one of the most notable positions of Spanish art of the 20th century.

* Work exhibited in the room 73, the area III.26 of Modern Art.





Girl (Portrait of Conchita), Ángeles Santos Torroella, Valladolid, circa 1929