Good practices

Good practices


We very much hope you enjoy your visit and ask you to share your experience in the social networks. The people who don’t fulfil these good practices so that all the visitors can enjoy the visit will be asked to leave the premises by the security staff of the museum. 

Keep your ticket

Keep your ticket during the visit to the museum


Animals are not allowed in the museum, except guide dogs

Photos and recordings

You are invited to take photos without flash and domestic recordings in the rooms of the collection. But not in the temporary exhibition rooms, except where the contrary is indicated. The use of tripods and selfie sticks is not allowed.

For the press and for other needs, please contact in advance the Press department at [email protected] or, if you are already in the museum, please contacte the information desk to obtain authorisation..

We invite you to share your images of the museum with our Flickr group.


Please place your mobile in silence


The museum has WiFi available in the Foyer, in the Sala Oval, in the library, auditoriums, in the temporary exhibition rooms and in the restaurant

Food and drink

Food or drink is not permitted in the galleries. There is a cafeteria service available.


It is not permitted to run or shout in the galleries to avoid accidents or to bother other visitors

With the aim of preserving the works of art it is not permitted to touch the objects

In the case of evacuation, follow the instructions of the museum staff

People accompanying groups

People accompanying groups are responsible for all the members of the group. When booking consult the regulations for groups

Visits with under-14s

We welcome children. Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult

Closure of the galleries

The galleries close 15 minute before the museum closes

Smoke-free zone

The Palau Nacional is a smoke-free zone. It is not permitted to smoke anywhere on the premises

Draw in the museum

You are allowed to draw in the rooms with a drawing pad and only with a pencil. To use an easel and other materials you need to request authorisation