Sponsorship and co-financed projects

Sponsorship and co-financed projects

Thanks to the collaboration of companies, foundations, individuals and co-financed projects by the European Union, the Museu Nacional fund their programs and activities. Complementarily, the museum also receives contributions from the public administration and is funded with other revenue, such as tickets or income derived from the commercial action. As well, companies, foundations and individuals are associated with the museum's programs and projects to take part in an active way.

Pepe Serra

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Sponsoring the Museu Nacional means participating in the projection and development of an open museum a social space of participation and knowledge boosting the international projection of the most important collection of Catalan arta museum that articulated the art museums of Catalonia a museum socially committed to an efficient and sustainable management

The Museu Nacional needs and desires the collaboration of companies and the civil society, because jointly with the public institutions we can put forth a wide programme as the service of heritage and the society.

Patrocini i empreses

Do you want to be a sponsor?

Your support allows us to share our collections and programs with thousands of visitors every year, to reveal his interest in the art, to accompany them in the discovery of the museum's collection or allow its restoration.

Amics del Museu

Do you want to be Friends of the Museu Nacional?

Feel part of a great museum and participate in the dissemination of it artistic heritage. Enjoy unique activities in around this collection.

Would you like to make a bequest or a gift?

Did you know that some of the art works in the museum come from donations or gifts in payment of taxes, or even have paid as a result of a popular subscription?

These are other possibilities you have to collaborate with us.