The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is a consortium with its own legal status, independent of that of its members, constituted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the City Council of Barcelona and, since 2005, the General State Administration. 

It is governed by the statutes approved by Government Agreement of the Generalitat de Catalunya on 14 March 2006 (DOGC núm. 4625, of 3.5.2006 - text in Catalan) and  modified by Government Agreement GOV 151/2016, on 22 November 2016 (DOGC núm. 7254, de 24.11.2016 - text in Catalan)


The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the maximum governing organ of the museum. As well as representatives from the consortium members, administrations and the management of the museum, it is made up of representatives of people and private entities that contribute to...



  • Joan Oliveras i Bagués


  • Natàlia Garriga Ibáñez
  • Jordi Martí Grau
  • Víctor Francos Díaz

Members of the Board

  • Isak Andic
  • Jordi Carulla i Font
  • Laura Cendrós Jorba
  • Marta Clari Padrós
  • Carles Colomer Casellas
  • Marta Domènech i Tomàs
  • Elisa Durán Montolio
  • Jordi Foz i Dalmau
  • María José Gálvez Salvador
  • Elsa Ibar Torras
  • Dolores Jiménez-Blanco
  • Francesc Xavier Marcé Carol
  • Joan Francesc Marco Conchillo
  • Rosa Martínez Delgado
  • Dolors Portús i Vinyeta
  • Pau Relat i Vidal
  • Elisa Ros Barbosa
  • Francesc Serés Guillén
  • Ana Vallès Blasco
  • Rafael Villaseca Marco


  • Anna Bernadàs i Mena


  • Pepe Serra Villalba


  • Víctor Magrans Julià


The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya has a director, an administration-manager, a head of collections and nine organisational areas (Restoration and Preventive Conservation; Registration and Exhibitions; Research and Knowledge Centre; Museography; Community Action, Public Programmes and Communication; Development; Legal Services and General Secretariat; Infrastructures and General Services; Management). It also has Press, Social Responsibility and Project Coordination and Security.


The current organisational chart was approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting held on 24 November 2020.

Organization chart (pdf-541 kb, Catalan)



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