Donations and bequests to the Museu Nacional

Donations and bequests to the Museu Nacional


Planned donations or bequests to the museum

Each day, thousands of children, youths and adults are enriched by visiting the collections of the museum or attending its activities and exhibitions.

Some of the donations from individuals such as  that of Enric Batlló (1914), the Cambó bequest (1949-1954) or that of the Espona bequest (1958) and other more recent ones such as the donation of the collection of Joan Colom (2012) due to the will of the photographer himself, have contributed to forming the collections of the museum as we know it today.

If the Museu Nacional is important to you, you should know that you have the possibility of helping it by means of a donation for the future or by means of the works of art in lieu of payment of taxes.

All the donations, however modest they may be, are important contributions for increasing the collections of the museum, providing support for the exhibitions and their education and social programmes.

We are committed to using your donation in an efficient way, attend to your will, with respect and sensitivity, and recognising it in the most suitable way possible.

If you are interested, please write to [email protected] or call 93 622 03 60.


Donations in micro-patronage projects

The Foundation of the Friends of the Museu Nacional and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya invite you to form an active part in the funding of certain projects, such as, for example, acquisitions and restorations of works of art.  Thanks to a project of this type, the drawing The Prayer , by Marià Fortuny, now forms part of the collections of the Museu Nacional.


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