The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is a beneficiary of the  Programme POCTEFA (2014-2020) ARTIS (2019-2022).

The European Cross-Border Cooperation Programme has been created to promote the sustainable development of the border territory of Spain, France and Andorra. Among its priority axes the aim is to strengthen skills and social inclusion in the territories. Within this axis, the ARTIS project corresponds to the Investment Priority of the European Union, whose area of work is the improvement of access to social, health, cultural and leisure services.

The ARTIS project proposes that the cultural sector responds to the challenges of inclusion and accessibility that improve access to the cultural resources of the population at a greater risk of exclusion either due to disability (visual, auditory, cognitive or motor) or social reasons, developing the mechanisms of accessibility of cultural spaces and facilities.

The actions boosted from the Museu Nacional:

The Museu Nacional, in its desire to deepen its social dimension, has as a priority aim the development of the museum's Accessibility Plan that guarantees universal access for people to art and culture by eliminating any barriers, either architectural, sensory, cognitive, sociocultural or economic.

That is why the ARTIS project will guarantee, with the actions that are developed, sensory access to the collections:

  • Provision of magnetic loops at ticket counters, information, office access and the Library that guarantees clear communication between customer service staff and people with hearing loss.
  • Development of tactile and inclusive resources that guarantee access to the Palau Nacional, its architecture and history to a wide range of audiences, from family audiences to visually impaired adult audiences and which will be specified in the production of an educational backpack on the Palau Nacional and a tactile model of the building.
  • Development of inclusive tactile content and resources in the form of tactile tables and itineraries in support Beacons that guarantee sensory access to the museum’s collections in an autonomous way for people with some type of disability.
  • Adaptation of the museum's website for the blind or visually impaired. 
  • Design of accessibility brochures and information screens.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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