The Triumph of Fame over Death


The Triumph of Fame over Death


The Triumph of Fame over Death

“Anti-Enlightenment is not a state, is a war (…)


In the cultural sphere, defensive and offensive identities triumph (…)


There’s no more or less truth in the past. There are many different ways of fighting the credulity that oppresses us in every epoch. We need to find our particular fight against the system of credulities of the present time (…)


The name for our present days’ impotence is enlighted illiteracy. We know everything, and we can do nothing at the same time. We have close at hand every knowledge of humanity, but in our descent, to the abyss, we can only put the brake on or to accelerate it (…)


The demobilization effect the power pursues nowadays: to ridicule our ability for self-educating to build (…)


I am suggesting here new radical enlightenment. To resume the fight against credulity (…) Fighting against credulity has nothing to do with attacking any belief. Beliefs are necessary for life and knowledge. Credulity, nonetheless, is the basis for domination; because it means delegating intelligence and conviction.


In the fight against credulity a new problem shows up: accessing our time’s available knowledge is not enough, as we need to relate with it in a way that contributes to transforming us and our world to good.


The meaning of learning is to work towards a knowledge’s alliance that combines incredulity and confidence”.


GARCÉS, Marina. Nova il·lustració radical

(Own translation)





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Artwork: The Triumph of Fame over Death. Willem Dermoyen, between 1504-1550. Wool and silk trapestry.