Four-leafed glass door (Porta vidriera de quatre batents)

Una gestió diferent del dolor | Porta vidriera de quatre batents

Four-leafed glass door (Porta vidriera de quatre batents)


Four-leafed glass door (Porta vidriera de quatre batents)

“The idea of cause is a projection to the scientific field of a logic coming from our quotidian life. The origins of causal arguments are practical reasonings: the way we observe how will is able to modify regular courses of action. We translate into the field of scientific research this way of thinking in order to understand mathematically-expressed natural regularities. Therefore, we project an anthropomorphic conceptual repertoire (…) Social sciences are refined elaborations of our quotidian cognitive practices.


The concepts in history and social sciences are not concepts, strictly speaking, this is a group of elements inevitably together: but compound representations which aim to generate an intellective illusion. Ultimately, nonetheless, they become only generical images (…) Aristotle referred to it as “opinions”.


This conceptual repertoire may be critically elaborated (…) What distinguishes the human social experience is not altruism or empathy, quite common among other non-human animals; but shared intentionality: the capacity to establish norms open to being deliberated”.


RENDUELES, César. En bruto

(Own translation)




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Artwork: Four-leafed glass door (Porta vidriera de quatre batents). Frederic Vidal, 1900 circa. Wood and ‘cloisonné’ stained glass.