Beam of the Passion (Biga de la Passió)

Una gestió diferent del dolor | Biga de la Passió

Beam of the Passion (Biga de la Passió)


Beam of the Passion (Biga de la Passió)

One of the most important aspects of the religious method is its legitimation of slave-like submission and the establishment of the fatalistic perception. Without this method, the terrible exploitative and ferocious wars waged by humanity would not have been possible (…)


A shepherd-herd dialectic was established. On the one hand, a passive nature and society; on the other, a very active, transcendent ruler who creates and makes all things possible. It is not exaggeration to say that antiquity and the Middle Ages were governed through this method.


One of the most unfavorable aspects of the dogmatic method is that, instead of a living, evolving conception of nature, it brought about the concept of a passive nature, a nature unable to act except under the external command of the Almighty. This concept, in turn, led to the natural acceptance of a similar mentally in the social arena (…)


ÖCALAN, Abdullah - Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization






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Artwork: Beam of the Passion (Biga de la Passió). Anonymous, 1192 - 1220 circa. Tempera on wood.