The Triumph of Fame over Death

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Willem Dermoyen

Active in Brussels, between 1520-1548

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This tapestry is part of a series of six, four of which were acquired in 1557 to decorate the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona. They allegorically represent the poem I Trionfi (‘Triumphs’) by Petrarch, written in the mid 14th century, which directs the reader’s thoughts to the practice of virtue, the rejection of evil and a meditation on death. The idea that humanity must make an ideal journey from sin to redemption was rooted in mediaeval culture.


Between 1540-1550

440 x 740 cm

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection, 2006

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Wool and silk trapestry
Century: 16th
Subject: Literature
Subject: Allegory
Willem Dermoyen - The Triumph of Fame over Death - Between 1540-1550
The Triumph of Fame over Death