Gallardo Collection

The medieval art collection of Antonio Gallardo Ballart

The museum’s medieval art section has been extraordinarily enriched with the acquisition of works from the Antonio Gallardo Ballart collection. This set of uniquely high-quality and varied pieces includes Romanesque murals and Gothic retables which contribute to completing our itinerary through medieval art. Main features include works of Catalan origin, such as the fragment from Bellcaire d’Empordà, major artists like the Serra brothers, Lluís Borrassà and Bernat Martorell and pieces from the rest of the Hispanic world, like the fragment of mural painting from Tubilla del Agua and the panel linked to Nicolás Francés.

Antonio Gallardo Ballart is an entrepreneur, an impassioned collector and a lover of archaeology. One of his preferences has invariably been medieval art, of which he has dedicatedly and meticulously built up a brilliant collection over the years.

The acquisition of these works constitutes further evidence of the role that civil society and private collecting have played in enhancing the museum fonds and represents the most important enhancement of our medieval art section in recent decades, thereby reinforcing the position of the Museu Nacional as an international benchmark institution in this field.

Exhibition catalogue #llibresart

Donation Antonio Gallardo Ballart (exhibition 2016)

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