Crucifixion of Saint Peter

Room 23
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Pere Serra
Active in Barcelona, 1357-1405/1408
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We are familiar with much of the physiognomy of the former retable of Sant Pere de Cubells, even though it was disassembled when the new baroque ensemble was built and its constituent parts were dispersed. It was a mixed-media retable: its main body featured a cycle of paintings dedicated to the apostle, which would have closed with this one, and was arranged around a sculpture of the saint, attributed to Pere de Sant Joan (Museu Frederic Marès), a sculptor who hailed from Picardy (France). At the museum we also have a fragment of the predella, that is, the bottom horizontal section of the retable, which was dedicated to the Joys of Virgin.


Circa 1400

141.8 x 122.5 x 10 cm

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection. Settlement of the Collection of Don Antonio Gallardo Ballart, 2015

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Egg tempera and gilding on wood
Subject: Religion
Century: 14th
Part of the altarpiece from the high altar dedicated to Saint Peter, which was dismembered and its parts are kept in several private collections and museums. From the church of Sant Pere de Cubells (La Noguera)
Pere Serra - Crucifixió de sant Pere - Cap a 1400
Crucifixió de sant Pere