Virgin with the Child and Angels

Room 23
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Jaume Serra
Active in Barcelona since 1358 – d. 1389/1395
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It may be that this strikingly decorative panel of high quality, undiscovered until the 1990s, was the central compartment of a retable of modest dimensions. The theme, Our Lady with the Child surrounded by angels, was much cultivated with variations at the Serra brothers’ workshop, as other works denote. Beyond Mary’s distracted gaze, the image of the Child playing with the flower bud embodies the humanisation of holy figures characteristic of the Gothic world.


Circa 1375-1385

132 x 62 x 8.5 cm

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection. Settlement of the Collection of Don Antonio Gallardo Ballart, 2015

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Egg tempera and gilding on wood
Subject: Religion
Century: 14th
Probably, this panel was the central compartment of a small altarpiece dedicated to Mary, of which other parts are unknown. Unknown provenance
Jaume Serra - Mare de Déu amb el Nen i àngels - Cap a 1375-1385
Mare de Déu amb el Nen i àngels