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Jaume Serra
Active in Barcelona since 1358 – d. 1389/1395
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The structure and the theme matter of this panel suggest that it was originally the top compartment of a retable: both its form as a pointed arch and the rendering of Calvary are two of the most common characteristics of this part of Hispanic Gothic ensembles. As usual, the scene features Roman guards, the Holy Woman and John the Evangelist around Christ Crucified. Particularly striking here is the magnificent pelican on the tree that grows from the cross. The pelican is a metaphor of Christ, of the Passion and of the Eucharist, since according to tradition this bird tore out its own flesh to feed its chicks.


Circa 1375-1385

178 x 81 x 4.6 cm

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection. Given by Don Antonio Gallardo Ballart, 2015

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Egg tempera and gilding on wood
Subject: Religion
Century: 14th
This panel, it was probably the upper panel of an altarpiece of which other parts are unknown. Unknown provenance
Jaume Serra - Calvari - Cap a 1375-1385