Games with clues and self-guided tours

Games with clues and self-guided tours


Do you want to be detectives?  The museum proposes two games with clues which you will be able to enjoy at home or while you stroll through the rooms of the museum looking for thieves of manuscripts or discovering who murdered the poor shepherd.  You will see that the works of art hide many secrets.  Do you feel like playing?

Independent activity for carrying out at any time during the Museum opening hours (+7 years old). Activity included in the general admission.

NOTICE: To avoid contagion we do not deliver paper material. If you want to do these self-guided activities we recommend you to download the pdfs of the itineraries, published in this page.

The theft of the bestiary +7

A page of an illustrated manuscript has disappeared, where there were lots of animals drawn.  The clues that you will find in the paintings of the Romanesque art room will let you identify it and find where it is hidden.  Find out who the thief is using your wit as detectives.

A crime was painted +7

Use your powers of observation, make clever use of the clues that you will find in the Gothic rooms and you will solve a crime that took place several centuries ago. We invite you to get to know the Gothic art collection in a different way - you will see how the works of art hide a lot of secrets!

Download the pdfs and play at home!