Virtual exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions

The library offers you a small presentation of the library collection in images, a selections of publications of the modernist period and a small selection of the collection about Joaquim Folch i Torres, the first librarian of the Library and former director of the museum.

The Ausió medals factory of Barcelona, a national heritage industry recovered

On the occasion of the XVI National Congress of Numismatics Barcelona 2018, which will be held in Barcelona at the Museu Nacional, from 28th to the 30th November 2018; the Library presents a small exhibition of the Ausió medals factory of Barcelona.


Coinage, the challenge of studying

Anniversaries of the numismatists Antonio Agustín, Joaquim Botet, and Josep Amorós

Modernist covers

The modernist selection is one of the strong point of the collection of the Museu Nacional, and the Library could not ignore it. Therefore we present a selection of the publications of this period, that explains the modernism as a  complete art, the artist as a complet creative who envolves every artistic scope, including illustration.

Coming soon.


If you want to know more avbout the Library collection, consult the catalogue.

The Romanesque in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

On the occasion of the Third International Congress “Romanesque Art: Patrons and Processes”, which was held in Barcelona at the Museu Nacional, from 7th to 9th April; the Library presents a small exhibition of documents related to the origins of this singular collection, its museography over the years.

Tribute to Joaquim Folch i Torres in the 50th anniversary of his death (1963-2013)

The exhibition includes a collection that shows the Folch i Torres activity as director and his collaboration with magazines. We was the author of publications about some of his favorite artists and Catalan art in general, writings of catalogation and diffusion of the museum collection and documents that describe the management of the msueum.

Library of the Museu Nacional: the collection in images

The exhibition presents a virtual taste of the collection that have made possible the growth of the center along its a hundred years of history. With this selection of 91 images, aims to give to know the diversity and the richness of a collection made always around of the Catalan artistic heritage.