Complementary services

Complementary services

  • Screen rental in the Foyer

In the Foyer of the Museu Nacional we have 8 faces of backlit media panels, 10 screens arranged around this space and 2 videowalls suitable to customize with your brand, corporate message or campaign.

  • Private parking

As well as easily accessible public parking, the museum has a private car park so as to be able to organise the events with greater comfort, both during the setting up and the event itself.  

  • Dressing rooms

To facilitate the production of the event, the museum offers the possibility of arranging some of its spaces as a backstage area.

  • Technical equipment

    Infrastructures for organising major productions – stage machinery, Wi-Fi technology, stages, and light and sound equipment can be hired, as well as qualified technical staff for complementing the needs for setting up. 

  • Restaurant service

The Museu Nacional has 3 restaurant spaces: Café, the Terrace in front of the museum and the Òleum Restaurant 

We put at your disposal the rooms of the Museu Nacional to enjoy, privately, the collection and current temporary exhibition.

You can visit the collection not exposed at the museum in storerooms or the restoration workshop of the museum by experts and specialists.


Museu Nacional - La Terrassa del Museu Nacional