Holding an event or enjoying an exclusive reception in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya provides the elegance of the spaces and a unique experience surrounded by art.

We make the rooms of the museum available for you to enjoy, in private, of the collection and the current temporary exhibition. Find out for yourselves the secrets of Romanesque art or the singularity of modernism first-hand from the best professionals.

Private visits for events

You can choose to visit the current temporary exhibition, a selection of Romanesque art, the jewels of the...

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Guided visits in Catalan, Castilian, English and French, for groups. You can also opt for commentaries about a selection of works during the celebration. When making the booking you can consult the availability of other languages.

Contact [email protected] or request a quote for renting spaces at request for quote. 

More information about the visit (pdf)

If you explain what you need, we will propose ideas to create a tailor-made visit and make your event something special. 

Exclusive visits for small groups

You can visit the pieces of the museum’s collection not on display in the storerooms, discover the architecture and history of the Palau Nacional, get to know the restoration workshop or the functioning of the museum from experts and specialists, enjoy the exceptional viewpoint of Barcelona surrounded by art, and, even, get close to the collection by focusing on a theme. 

Contact [email protected] and tell us all the options in terms of duration, language and price to enjoy an exclusive reception. 

Visit to the storerroms

A tour around the non-exhibited collection of the museum given by an expert in conservation.  The storerroms house the works of art not exhibited in the permanent collection.  You will find out how these works are taken care of, how they are studied and conserved.  One of the most important and unknown tasks of the museum. 

Download the presentation for more information about theVisita a les reserves (pdf, in Catalan)

Contact [email protected] and we will give you all the options of duration, languages, and prices to enjoy an exclusive reception.

Visit to the restoration workshop

A visit given by a specialist from the Area of Restoration and Preventive Conservation of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

The opportunity to get to know the research work carried out by the professionals of the museum based around the works of art.

Download the presentation for more information about the Visita al taller de restauració (pdf, in Catalan)

Contact [email protected] and we will give you all the options of duration, languages, and prices to enjoy an exclusive reception.

Visites privades per esdeveniments