The archive was created in 1995 with the aim of managing in a standardised way the documentary collection held by the institution. For this reason a system of documentary management was introduced that has been functioning since 1997.


The system acts in all the stages of the life of the documents and has been developed for the organisation by means of a network of archives: management archive, central archive, historic archive and the archive of image and sound. With this structure, the documentary production of the institution is controlled, the correct conservation of the collection is ensured, and access is guaranteed as well as the confidentiality of the reserved data contained in the documents, complying in this way with the Law 10/2001 of archives and documents of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Museu Nacional has the custody of and exploits both the documentation generated by the museum itself since 1991, the year in which the consortium was created, as well as the historic collections of the institutions that currently form part: the old Museu d'Art de Catalunya, Museu d'Art Modern, Gabinet de Dibuixos i Gravats, Gabinet Numismàtic de Catalunya i Biblioteca d'Història de l'Art. Other documentation, also, from institutions directly related with the creation of the art museums of Barcelona and of public art collections (such as, for example, from the different organising commissions of exhibitions of fine arts from 1891 to 1946) as well as personal collections and of companies related to art (the collections of Cirlot, Martí Alsina, and from the Sala Parés, among others).

All the catalogued documentation is managed in such a way that, based on a unique consultation, you can know which documents are held by the Archive about a specific work of art or activity. 

List of collections:

  • Collection of the Organising Commission of Exhibitions of the City Council of Barcelona (1891-1922, 1942 and 1944)
  • Collection of the Museu d'Art Modern (1973-1990)
  • Collection of the Museu d'Art de Catalunya (1960-1990)
  • Collection of the Gabinet Numismàtic de Catalunya (1932-1990)
  • Collection of the Biblioteca d'Història de l'Art (1940-1990)
  • Collection of the Gabinet de Dibuixos i Gravats
  • Collection of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (since 1991)
  • Personal collections
  • Company collections

Types of documents

Collections of texts: 403.46 ml
Collections of images: 232.05 ml

  • Photographs: 347,882 documents of which 95,134 have been digitised
  • Photolithographs
  • Radiographs: 578
  • Audiovisuals: 632 videos and DVD
  • Audios: 205 tapes and digital audio
  • Digital: 1,643 CD

Plans: 84 ml
Special formats

Consulting times

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2.00pm, by arranged visit. 

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