International Museum Day 2021

International Museum Day 2021

Tuesday 18 May, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Free access to the whole museum



On Tuesday 18 May, we are celebrating International Museum Day (IMD) with an open doors to the whole museum, from 10 am to 8 pm. International Museum Day has been celebrated every 18 May since 1977. Organised by ICOM, with the aim of raising public awareness of the role of museums in society, every year on this day the museum organises an open doors day.

This year we encourage you to enjoy the collection and the temporary exhibitions:

Temporary exhibitions and displays

A new look at the collection through the exhibition of a selection of nineteen artworks of contemporary art by the Fundació Suñol, the artists Evru/Zush, Joan Brossa, Carmen Calvo, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Fontana, Susana Solano and Antoni Tàpies. These artworks enter into dialogue, by way of analogy or contrast, with historical works of medieval, Renaissance, Baroque or modernist art.

Retrospective exhibition that allows us to get to know the work of the photographer Antoni Campañà Bandranas in its full dimension. Through more than 300 photographs, we discover the personality and multiple facets of this author, and for the first time, we can admire in the rooms of a museum a selection of the photographs of the so-called Red Box, where Campañà wanted to close the tragedy lived during the war, immortalized in thousands of images of the conflict.

An exhibition of everyday objects repaired through stitching or embroidery by the creator Svantje Busshoff. With these delicate works, she invites us to look at what goes unnoticed or may seem insignificant, a proposal that celebrates the imperfections and accidents of the objects around us.

Autonomous activities

  • Are you coming with children?
    Play detective with The Enigmas of the Museu Nacional*

*To avoid contagion, we do not provide paper material but you can print the pdfs.

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Dia Internacional dels Museus 2021