The Endless War. Antoni Campañà

The Endless War. Antoni Campañà


19 March to 18 July 2021

  • To ensure compliance with the permitted capacity, tickets for this exhibition can only be purchased through the museum's website. Free or reduced tickets that are not reflected in the online purchase process will not be applied.
  • Please respect your chosen admission times in order to ensure that your visit can be managed correctly.
Toni Monné, Arnau Gonzàlez i Vilalta, Plàcid Garcia-Planas and Roser Cambray, curator of the Museu Nacional
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Antoni Campañà. Barricade. Hospital Street, Barcelona, 25 July 1936. Arxiu Campañà
Antoni Campañà. Church of the Puríssima Concepció. Girona Street, Barcelona, 1936-1937. Arxiu Campañà
Antoni Campañà. Looting of the Italia-Cosulich-Lloyd Triestino company offices, Barcelona, 1936. Arxiu Campañà
Antoni Campañà. Refugees from Malaga in Montjuïc stadium, January 1937. Arxiu Campañà
Antoni Campañà. Exhibition of nun mummies. Salesian convent. Sant Joan Avenue, Barcelona, July 1936. Arxiu Campañà
Antoni Campañà. Italian troops in the Francoist victory parade, 21 February 1939. Arxiu Campañà