The family


Eduard Ausió i Miquel (Barcelona, 1878-1968), the founder of the Ausió Medals Factory, was the patriarch of a Barcelona family connected with medallic production. He was educated in trade school as an engraver and, truly a “self-made man,” he established and made his business grow from a small engraving shop. Following a common pattern in Catalonia, the factory passed through three successive generations of the same family until its closure in 1973 as the result of a combination of various factors – principally, the economic crisis and exorbitant rise in the price of gold at the time, as well as the decreasing use of medals due to social changes.


In recent years, Eulalia Ausió i Ferrés, the last living direct representative of the line of Ausió shop operators, donated to the National Museum a grouping of medals, production tools, and documentation of all kinds relating to the family business. The celebration of the XVIth National Numismatic Congress, also made possible thanks to Sra. Ausió i Ferrés’ continuous sponsorship of the Numismatic Cabinet of Catalonia, has been considered a fine opportunity to bring this museum resource to public attention, to reclaim Barcelona’s rich past in medals production and, in addition, to remind modern businesses in this sector of the importance of safe-guarding their rich artistic and industrial patrimony.


  • Portraits of the Barcelona businessman Eduard Ausió i Miquel and his family in the first decades of the 20th century. Donation: Eulàlia Ausió i Ferrés.
  • Advertisement of the Ausió Medals Factory, in the catalog of the VIth International Art Exposition of Barcelona, 1911. Joaquim Folch i Torres Library.
  • Family tree of the Ausió: in shading, the members with direct responsibility in the medals business. Prepared by Albert Estrada-Rius.
  • Organizational contract of the company Ausió, hermanos y Compañía, promulgated by Eduard Ausió Miquel, Eduard Ausió Camino, and Lluís Ausió Camino, Barcelona, March 28, 1945. Donation: Eulàlia Ausió i Ferrés.