The factory


The origins of the Ausió medals factory are found in the engraving workshop that Eduard Ausio i Miquel opened in 1902, in his third floor home at no.1-3, Calle del Veguer. Later, from 1911, a proper factory was set up on the lower level at no. 340, Calle Valencia. Finally, around 1922, the factory was definitively installed on the ground floor at no. 376, Calle Provenza, in the brand-new Ausió establishment where, according to customary business practice of the era, the founder constructed his living space at the same time as the new industrial plant.


Various plans, inventories and some production tools permit us to reconstruct and envision the departmental organization of the shop, combined with the placement of the several machines – the pantograph, the friction screw presses, etc. At length, the Ausió trademark emblem adapted to the times, but was always faithful to the modernist anagram created by the founder.


  • Sign announcing the first shop; punch with the code B/8, corresponding to the Ausió establishment and a business card with Antoni Parera, Medalla de la Exposición Internacional de Barcelona, 1929. The same number; a punch and an appliqué bearing the anagram trademark of E. Ausió and a newspaper ad clipping; punch for the medal dedicated to the Massana Library of Barcelona, circa 1915 and token or medal die of the Generalitat of Catalunya, 1931-1939: works by the Ausió Medals Factory. Donation: Eulàlia Ausió i Ferrés.
  • Company advertisement in the Anuari de Foment de les Arts Decoratives, 1920. Joaquim Folch i Torres Library.
  • Plan of the shop located on the lower level of the Ausió establishment (Calle Provença, 376), 1953. Donation: Eulàlia Ausió i Ferrés.
  • Inventory of the factory, 1936. Donation: Eulàlia Ausió i Ferrés.