Sant Pere de Rodes hoard

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In 1989 a treasure of coins was found in the underground of a room of the ground floor of the so-called house of the abbot, in the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes (Alt Empordà). The extraordinary monetary composition of the treasure, the excellent conservation of the coins and the fact that the find precisely came from an archaeological context makes the treasure of Sant Pere de Rodes one of the greatest numismatic discoveries in recent years in Catalonia.

It is made up of 658 coins, 348 of which are made of gold, and the other 310 are of silver. The pieces had been carefully deposited in a glazed ceramic apothecary pot, arranged in cartridges.  In the lower part there was the coinage in silver and in the upper part was situated the gold. The treasure contains coins minted from the second half of the 14th century, but the most modern pieces indicate that they must have been hidden around 1520-30, in the time of the abbot Ferran Ram (1509-1532).


First quarter of the 16th century

Long-term loan from the Generalitat de Catalunya. National Art Collection, 2004

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Made up of 658 coins: 348 gold and 310 silver. Found in the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes (Alt Empordà), during the excavations in 1989.
Century: 16th
Diverses autoritats - Tresor de Sant Pere de Rodes - Primer quart del segle XVI
Tresor de Sant Pere de Rodes