Masters and postgraduate degrees

Masters and postgraduate degrees


Taking into account the importance of research and knowledge, the museum has created a training programme in museography, management and history of art with the organisation of postgraduate studies, and with the participation of professors from other masters degree courses, in collaboration with different Catalan universities and other institutions.

The Course on specialization in digital strategy in cultural organizations is organized by the UOC’s Arts and Humanities Studies, jointly with the Museu Nacional.

In this program you will find a response to the growing needs of organizations in the digital sphere and you will learn what a digital and content strategy is, what it is for, and how it is created, reviewing the most habitual tools and digital platforms.

Collaboration in the Masters degree in the management of conservation-restoration projects

The Masters degree course is designed as a tool for advanced training of the future professionals in the field of conservation-restoration of heritage.

For more information consult the complete programe.

Collaboration in the Masters degree for Archivists and Management of Documents, organised by the Universitat Autònoma

It provides an integrated training for future professionals in the field of archivists and management of documents, both of historic and administrative character, and in any type of support.

For more information consult the complete programme


Mòdul Conservació i gestió del patrimoni artístic

Teaching of the conservation and management of artistic heritage module from the Museu Nacional Pro course: professionals, projects and processes in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, within the framework of the Masters degree in Artistic Heritage Analysis and Management, organised by the Depart of Art and Musicology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

It provides future professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge for carrying out a research or orienting a professional practice of art historians under a wide range of related aspects.