CREATORS IN RESIDENCE. Academic year 2016-2017

CREATORS IN RESIDENCE. Academic year 2016-2017


VICTOR JAENADA. IN RESIDENCE at the Les Corts Secondary School

Quo Vadis Project

Victor Jaenada, an artist with experience in the fine arts, first at the Llotja School of Art in Barcelona and later at the same city’s Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2007 he transformed some abandoned commercial premises in Esplugues de Llobregat into his studio and established himself there until 2013, when he joined the Hangar production centre. He currently lives and develops his multidisciplinary projects in Barcelona. Life affirmation is the driving force behind Jaenada’s work. This drive is always there, waiting latently under surface layers that often refer to issues that are personal, topical and/or connected to popular culture. Jaenada’s works always appear to us with a radical, hurried look, but beyond the first glance they are revealed to us as mysterious, solid and perverse structures.

Experiences include the solo show Romanticisme-Punk at the Balaguer Gallery, the collective exhibition Atrévete si quieres a no hacer nunca lo que debes (Dare if you wish to never do what you should) at the T20 Gallery, participation in the exhibition Factotum at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation, and incorporation in the MACBA’s archive of the fanzines created with Efrén Álvarez, Poemas de interpelación (Poems of Interpellation) and La bestia y el repartidor de butano (The beast and the butane gas delivery man). He also takes part periodically in fairs such as Summa, Swab, Pinta and Arco.



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