Connected. Let's make a project

Connected. Let's make a project



  • It is a 2-year pilot accompaniment programme for schools and high schools that want to learn how to develop a research project through the arts.
  • In these projects, artistic languages and participatory processes with the immediate environment through art are also the way to formalise the conclusions of the research.
  • It is also a training programme of methodological practice of the project-based work process using the arts and heritage as a transversal axis.


  • Strengthen collaboration and the museum-school connection and network through a long-term training project, especially with local centres.
  • Reflect together on a topic of social interest and draw up conclusions in artistic format to be exhibited at the end of the project.
  • To turn the museum and its collection into a resource and a space of reference for research through the arts within the school environment.
  • To develop the autonomy of teachers and students in the use of the museum and art as a tool for learning and enjoyment.


In this pilot phase, will be involved pupils and teachers of upper primary and secondary education from four local schools:

  • Escola Gallarre
  • Escola Francesc Macià
  • IE Arts
  • CFA Pere Calders


Each year, the museum will propose a research topic that is topical, of social interest or related to one of the themes of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UNESCO 2030 agenda. The main resource for research will be the museum's permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

This year we will think together about THE CITY through, among others, the temporary exhibition Gaudí that will take place in November.


Commitment on the part of the school and the teachers involved to:

  • Participate in training and joint work sessions.
  • Carry out the agreed tasks in the classroom and in the museum.
  • Document the work process in digital format.
  • Produce and deliver the conclusions of the research in artistic format by the end of May, ready to be shared with the rest of the participants.
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