Two cloths from the doors of an altarpiece with scenes of saint Catherine's life

Room 29
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Pedro Berruguete
Paredes de Nava, circa 1450 – before 1504
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These large-format paintings, which decorated the outside of the doors of an altarpiece, come from the church of San Salvador in Toledo and have been attributed to Pedro Berruguete on the strength of similarities with the paintings of the main altarpiece in Avila Cathedral, though the experts are not unanimous on this point. Berruguete exemplifies the transition in the Kingdom of Castile from a Flemish-based artistic culture and the new Renaissance currents.


Circa 1495

Purchased 1965

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From the funeral chapel of Fernado Álvarez de Toledo in the church of San Salvador (Toledo).
Tempera and gold leaf on cloth
Century: 15th
Subject: Religion