Co-financed projects by the European Union

Co-financed projects by the European Union


ERDF Catalonia Operational Programme 2014-2020

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is a beneficiary of the ERDF Catalonia Operational Programme 2014-2020 on direct operations of execution.  The projects being carried out are:

  • Museographic reform of the Renaissance and Baroque, Gothic and Modern Art rooms of the museum’s collections in terms of security. This operation connects with the Plan of Museums 2030, promoted by the Department of Culture, which allows operations to be programmed in museums of axis 6, aimed at the conservation, protection, fostering and development of the natural and cultural heritage. The aim is to facilitate the approach to art and its context by means of the renovation of the museography of the permanent exhibition and the enrichment of the expositive narrative of a large part of the museum’s collections.  The approach is focused on the visitor and fosters a visit of quality for the public who are invited to take part in the discovery the past, the analysis of the present and the projection of the future.  A new strategy is also applied regarding the preventive conservation by improving the environmental behaviour  as much as possible, as well as the security of the museum and the reception space for the visitors, so as to ensure the sustainability and efficient protection, and a better accessibility.  The museographic renovation of the permanent exhibition will also count on improvements in the strategy of preventive conservation of the artworks. 
  • Digitization and online publication of the museum’s collections and the implementation of an interactive museography in the different rooms of the permanent exhibition. The Digital Agenda of Catalonia 2020, also promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, is the strategic framework of the operations of axis 2, aimed at strengthening the applications of the information and communication technologies in electronic culture.  The operation will be carried out in two lines: firstly, the enlargement of the digitization of the museum’s collection with the photographic collection of Pere Formiguera, with pieces of the Romanesque art collection and with works in 3D, in order to increase the number of works offered to the citizens through the online catalogue, and secondly, the production and the installation of interactive museography in the rooms, with the aim of offering several layers of interpretation to multiple audiences and bringing closer and improving the user experience. The ultimate goal is to provide visibility and make the museum accessible to as many visitors as possible, both local and international, and increase the public use of the collection for research, educational and social projects and thus allow the generation of new knowledge and contents


Beneficiary Consorci del Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
Priority investment 6.3. The conservation, protection, fostering and development of the natural and cultural heritage
Total expenditure of the operation 1.208.618,79€
Eligible expenditure 998.858,50€
ERDF subsidy 499.429,25€
Period of execution 2017-2021


Priority investment                                                                                   2.3.Strengthening the applications of information and communication technologies for electronic administration, electronic learning, electronic inclusion, electronic culture and electronic healthcare.
Total expenditure of the  operation 514.250 €
Eligible expenditure        425.000 €
ERDF subsidy 212.500 €
Period of execution 2018-2021