Sound Fugue. Overture

Sound Fugue. Overture

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Anna Dot and the students of the secondary school Maria Espinalt (Poble Nou, Barcelona) that participated in the project En RESiDÈNCiA, were the protagonists of the reopening of the museum on 10th June.

During the confinement, the group of students and the artist continued to work from home. They have recorded sounds of the confinement all this time and have put together a sound piece of about 5 minutes that was heard through the museum's public address system as it reopened its doors to the public, with the idea of releasing and celebrating the reopening and reunion. Hence the title: Sound Fugue. Overture.

With a recording team they have prepared a video to record the moment that explains this escape of sounds, first in the rooms and then outside the museum.

This group of students and the action they have taken is a representation of the many other students locked up at home, who with their families have wanted to accompany us in the museum to coincide their release with the reopening of the rooms to the public.

Listen to the sound piece:


fuga sonora anna dot