IV Energy Saving Marathon in the Museu Nacional

IV Energy Saving Marathon in the Museu Nacional

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The Museu Nacional joins this year the IV Energy Saving Marathon during the month of February, 2019. This campaign is focused on raising awareness of good practices in public installations and with equipment, aiming to give back the savings for actions against energy poverty.

The workers have submitted different proposals to save and be more efficient with the energy and water –like using the stares as often as possible, turning off the lights when natural light is available, turning off the computer screens when not in use, etc.–, and during the whole month of February the museum will try to implement them as well as possible.

This way, we want to reduce the consumption of energy and water by 10% and also spread the word about a more efficient use. Actions of control, gathering of data and consumption monetarization will be implemented. Then, at the end of the month, all the savings will be used to improve the energy of public housing in the town of Manlleu..

We encourage all the users to also try for a more responsible and sensible energy and water use at home, with some very simple advice:

  • Don’t put the computer at standby, turn it off if you’re not using it. Also, the screen is the highest consumption element, so try to always turned off, even if you’re just getting out of your room for a moment!
  • Disconnect your phone from the charger once the battery is at 100% 
  • Turn off the tap water while your soaping up your hands 
  • If you are using air conditioning, set the temperature at 25 degrees; for each degree lower, you’ll be losing around 8% more energy! 
  • Exchange the incandescent lightbulbs for low fuel lights