Advices for use

Advices for use


General rules:

  • Leave bags, rucksacks, briefcases or books in the lockers in the entrance of the Library
  • You can enter the reading room with a personal PC or laptop
  • Smoking, eating or drinking is not permitted. Neither is the use of mobiles
  • Respect the working atmosphere and silence
  • Modifications of these regulations are subject to the criteria of the management and the Library staff
  • The Library staff reserve the right to regulate the consulting time of the computers of the Reading room when there is high demand

In compliance with the regulations in force, when consulting the documents from the storeroom, so as to ensure their preservation, please respect the following indications:


Objects not allowed

 Do not use sharp objects or writing utensils with ink (biros, fountain pens, etc.)

Take notes

 Take notes on a separate sheet and in pencil, and without leaning on the document

Use the gloves

Use the gloves provided by the Library staff.

Don’t leave the documents unattended

When you leave the room, hand them to the Library staff.

Try to handle the documents as little as possible

  • Don’t force the opening of the spine of the binding, and avoid touching the text itself or the images of the books
  • Ask the Library staff for acid-free strips of paper to mark the sheets. Don’t use post-its or adhesive markers, as they damage the documents

Internal order and information

  • Maintain the internal order of the documents of the files or boxes
  • Inform us about any loose sheets that may appear, pages that are stuck, or any incident related to the documents

Documents in bad condition

 If the documents are in bad condition, the staff may refuse the consultation or reproduction

Photocopies not allowed

Photographs can be made of them without flash provided they are for study or research, and having requested to do so from the library staff.

Documents from the storeroom

The documents from the storeroom being consulted cannot be reserved in the reading room, as for reasons of preservation they will be left in their place and should be requested once again for future consultations.

Digitised documents

Digitised documents in online repositories are excluded from consultation

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