La Mercè 2019

La Mercè 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019, open doors


September Tuesday 24, open doors for free from 10 am to 3 pm. Enjoy the permanent collection; the temporary exhibitions Oriol Maspons, the useful photography / 1949-1995, Antoni Fabrés and El Víbora. Comix countercultural; come and visit the educArt space with the project PNEUMOTHORAX A perforation in the lung-archive by the artist Jordi Ferreiro, or the rooftop viewpoints with a 360º panoramic view.


We invite the Mercès! If you can’t come during the Mercè festivity (Barcelona’s Day) but you want to celebrate your day, we invite you to the museum! From September 18 to the 23, Mercès have free entry for them and a plus one. You just need to show an identification document in the ticket desk. It’s a great occasion to enjoy the collection.

The enigmas of the Museu Nacional! Game of clues included in the admission price so you can play it on you own during the opening hours. You can ask for the notebook to start the game and become a detective around the Romanesque and Gothic collections! (+7 years old).


Cartell de la il·lustradora Maria Corte