The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

December 27, 2018, 6 pm. Free admission

6 pm
Oval Hall

Free admission


This Christmas we will tell you the story of a very special sculpture. The comedians of La Baldufa present their family show The Happy Prince under the direction of Jorge Picó and based on one of the most popular tales of Oscar Wilde.

The Happy Prince is the story of a majestic statue that looks down over a city. The statue is of a Prince who had had an easy, luxurious life, completely unconcerned by what was happening beyond the walls of his castle. Now, he is tied to that immobile, sumptuous statue, bathed in gold and with precious stones. However, he is not happy now. From his privileged hill, he can observe the misery of most of the inhabitants of the city; the poverty of which he was previously unaware now becomes his pain and every night he cries from the impotence of not being able to help them. One day, a swallow who was flying over the city on his way to Africa, took refuge at the feet of the statute to spend the night there. When she saw the statue’s sadness she felt sorry for him and agreed to help him despite the fact that she did not have long; winter was on its way and she had to emigrate to warmer lands where her fellows swallows were waiting for her. The swallow, guided by the Prince, took out all the precious materials that covered him to give them to the people who needed them.

A lesson of humanity, love and generosity for children and adults in a multidisciplinary show that combines conceptual theater, games of shadows, projections and poetry.

  • Prize for the Best Adapted Theatre-Play, FETEN, Gijón, Spain, 2012
  • Prize for the Best Show, Amigos de Titeremurcia, Murcia, Spain, 2012
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Recommended audience age for family performances: 6 years and upwards
Performance running time: 50’