Cirque Déjà Vu

Cirque Déjà Vu

27 de diciembre de 2018, 18 h. Actividad gratuita. 18 h

Sala Oval

Actividad gratuita



The comedians of La Baldufa present their family show Cirque Déjà Vu, the story of Fausto and Anselmo, two old men, two comedians, two clowns, two friends… They meet daily and remember how life at their little circus was and how they brought illusion from town to town.

One of those days, the flow of memories stops; Anselmo is ill. His memories are fleeing and now nothing is as it was. In spite of it, they still are two old men, two friends…

Fausto will make Anselmo relive his past with the aim of making him remember the already lived situations… “Déjà Vu” already seen!

And you? Will you miss it?

Nostalgia and humour mixed together in an homage to old age and friendship


  • Prize for the Best Male Performance, Ex Aequo, FETEN, Gijón, Spain, 2010


#NadalalMuseu #AmbNens

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Espectáculo recomendado a partir de 6 años
Duración de la obra: 50 minutos