7è Art: Cinema al museu. Screening of "Faces Places" (2017)

7è Art: Cinema al museu. Screening of "Faces Places" (2017)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019, at 10 pm. Free admission

10 pm
Podium of the museum

Free admission

PDF icon 7è Art (7th Art) Program (pdf - 1.26 Mb)

7è Art (7th Art) Program (pdf - 1.26 Mb)


The museum programs a series of films related to its own themes: collections, temporary exhibitions, biographies of artists, artworks, the creative process, the museum as an institution...

This year, we propose a program that explores the figure of the artist, the creative process, the link between art and society, museums, women in art and creators marginalized by official historiography. The Museu Nacional will be transformed into a cinema room open to anyone who wants to enter these themes through magic and the transporting power of the 7th art.

With the good weather and coinciding with the retrospective devoted to Oriol Maspons, one of the great chroniclers of society through photography, we will project the outdoors Visages Villages (Faces Places), documentary that shows us the intergenerational dialogue between the iconic director of the nouvelle vague Agnès Varda and the urban artist JR. Both creators visit villages in France portraying their inhabitants and intervening in the landscape with the resulting works. At the same time, the director remembers her experiences as a filmmaker. A humanistic and personal jewel that tells us about the creative process and the link between art, memory, urban space and society.



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