States of Grace by Laurent Fievet. Festival Loop 2016

States of Grace by Laurent Fievet. Festival Loop 2016


In its second collaboration with LOOP Barcelona, Laurent Fievet creates a video-installation in our Romanesque art room. The artist presents"States of Grace" dedicated to Romanesque mural paintings of Cardona, in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. States of Grace is a series of videos which associate excerpts from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window to paintings representing the Madonna and Child by Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Built after the opening sequence of the film where the protagonists Jeff and Lisa Fremont are shown while talking to each other, each pair consists of a twenty minute dialogue between the overlapped images and furthermore results in a tribute to the Princess Grace of Monaco.

In accordance with the themes proposed by these visual layers, the montage brings about reflections on the principle of Stendhalian crystallization, the conflicting aspirations inside a couple and the threat that the intrusion of a third individual could cause to its fragile balance. Ultimately, this intrusion alludes to the viewer’s glance inside a work of art and to the faculty of opening new perspectives in the process of analyses.

  • Project by Laurent Fievet
  • Included with the regular ticket of the museum or with the accreditation of Loop Barcelona 2016
  • From 21/05/2016 - 12/06/2016

Photo: Laurent Fiévet, "States of Grace" (2015), still from video, 27'

Loop Barcelona 2016


Laurent Fiévet, "States of Grace" (2015), still from video, 27’