Families and leisure organisations

Families and leisure organisations

You will find all sorts of activities, led by educators or to do on your own.  The museum becomes a space for developing the sensorial, explorative, manipulative, emotional and social skills of the kids, youths and adults who accompany them.   

Sundays with young and old

Spend Sundays from October to June in the museum by participating in a creative proposal related to the collection. We wait for you!

XII edition of Building in the Hall. RE-Building in the Hall

Architecture Workshop 'Building in the Hall' . Sunday December 2nd, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free activity

XI edition of Building in the Hall. The coexistence space

Architecture Workshop 'Building in the Hall' That had held in the museum's Oval Hall on November 26th

Engraving and printing workshop for families (Christmas 2018)

Free workshop for families, conducted by an artist or group of artists. In the workshop of this year, the subject of engraving and printing will work in a carefree way.

16, 23, 27, 28, 29 and 30 December 2018;
January 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2019

FLIC Festival 2018

Practicing the game of discovery through unusual literary experiences is the proposal offered by the FLIC in the Oval Room of the museum.

Summer camp 2017: The mystery of room 45

Video-summary of the summer camp (12:49') available on our YouTube Channel

Solve the museum's puzzle

Solve the 5 different puzzles that we give you!

The enigmas of the Museu Nacional

Do you want to be detectives? The museum proposes two games with clues which you will be able to enjoy at home or while you stroll through the rooms of the museum looking for thieves of manuscripts or discovering who murdered the poor shepherd. You will see that the works of art hide many secrets. Do you feel like playing?

Storytelling in the Museu Nacional

Through 20 stories inspired by works of the museum, you will be taken away by the fantasy and imagination and see these paintings from another perspective. Are you ready?

Drawings to colour by Xavier Gosé

Download these drawings to colour by the illustrator Xavier Gosé (1876 – 1915).