Still Life with Vessels

Room 35
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Francisco de Zurbarán
Fuente de Cantos, 1598 – Madrid, 1664
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A series of vessels, of metal and pottery, are lined up on a shelf or ledge. The other protagonist is the light, thanks to which the objects stand out against the blackness of the background, modelling the volumes and contrasting the colours. This pictorial composition that radiates serenity and silence, in which time stands still, invites a conceptual reading that takes us into realms very close to those proposed by avant-garde art, and a superb example of the still-life genre in the painting of the Spanish Golden Age and of the taste for what is essential in Zurbarán’s art.


Between 1650-1660

47 x 79 cm

Francesc Cambó Bequest, 1949; acquired, 1951

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Oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Subject: Still life
Francisco de Zurbarán - Natura morta d'atuells - Entre 1650-1660
Natura morta d'atuells