Basket with Apples, Quinces and Pomegranates

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Juan de Zurbarán
Llerena, 1620 – Seville, 1649
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Like most still lifes, the arrangement of the basket and the fruit seems random, but the composition is studied. Two factors have a bearing on this. One is relatively habitual: a basket that dominates the axis of the canvas. The other is more innovative: a dark background that contrasts with the strong lighting and the colour of the fruit and the leaves. Due to its formal characteristics, the work is thought to have been painted in Seville in the 1640s. The attribution to Juan de Zurbarán is based on the enormous similarities between this painting and another still life conserved in Finland, one of only three works signed by the artist.


Between 1643-1645

76 x 107 cm

Long-term loan from the Gil Collection, 1922; purchased 1944

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Oil on canvas
Subject: Still life
Century: 17th
Juan de Zurbarán - Panera de pomes, codonys i magranes - Entre 1643-1645
Panera de pomes, codonys i magranes