Neighborhoods diary, Maspons Project in the IES

Neighborhoods diary, Maspons Project in the IES

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Based around the exhibition Oriol Maspons, the useful photography / 1949-1995 we have started a cross-cutting project of photography with students from 3rd and 4th courses of ESO (secondary education) and Baccalaureate students from 9 institutes of the city of Barcelona: Poeta Maragall, Narcís Monturiol, Doctor Puigvert, Josep Comas i Solà, Domènech i Montaner, Martí Pous, Infanta Isabel d’Aragó, Vall d’Hebron, Consell de Cent, accompanied two professional photographers, Mon Casas and  Eugènia Ortiz from CliCme.

With the aim of encouraging these adolescents in their lifelong research with eyes of professionals in photography, students will develop a photographic work with the goal of describing their surroundings, their interests and their experiences, making them as "documentalists" of their close and turning the camera into a tool of research and observation, so as to end up making - with the selected photographs - a printed publication, resuming the work of Maspons frequently linked to the graphic press or publications.

The course was organized into working groups that tackled different topics related to the environments and realities of the participants, focusing on issues such as the neighbourhood, people, history, customs, everyday life, grouped into three areas of work: a social look at the neighbourhood, public spaces and private spaces.

We encourage you to consult the students' photographic projects resulting carried out by the students:

INS Consell de Cent (pdf - 3,39 Mb)

INS Doctor Puigvert (pdf - 3,72 Mb)

INS Poeta Maragall (pdf - 3,28 Mb)

INS Vall d’Hebron (pdf - 3,53 Mb)

INS Lluís Domènech i Montaner (pdf - 2,47 Mb)

INS Infanta Isabel d’Aragó (pdf - 1,89 Mb)

INS Josep Comas i Solà (pdf - 2,03 Mb)

INS Narcís Monturiol (pdf - 2,85 Mb)

INS Narcís Monturiol (2) (pdf - 2,61 Mb)

INS Martí Pous (pdf - 3,98 Mb)


Diari de Barris, projecte Maspons als IES