RE POST modernisms

RE POST modernisms

From April 4th to May 3rd, 2019. Free admission

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Free admission

A new look at the museum from comics and illustration

The students of the Joso School propose to do a re-reading of some works from the present, playing with the idea of the parallelism between the artists that reinterpret and themselves. Emphasizing the concerns and dependencies of the moment, such as new technologies and networks, they will present approximately 25 works in different formats.

"The doors of a museum set us in a mood of total reverence.
Contrary to the respectful, uncritical and practically religious attitude that we take when crossing that threshold we believe that another look is possible: an active position that is not limited to contemplating the works without questioning their selection or justification.
Works that today we give an almost divine aura of relevance only responded in their time to a reality not so different from ours.
From the iconoclastic and transgressive point of view of comics, we abandon the blind veneration seeking common points between the present and the past, in order to better understand our own reality.
We invite you to do the same: question and contextualize from your experience. Create something after each entry to a museum".

The students of Joso School in dialogue with the Museu Nacional’s Collection of Modern Art.


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Free entry


El descanso del guerrero, Hugo Hernández

Igor Sarralde

Invierno, Natalia Calvo

Granadina, Sílvia Fernández