7è Art: Cinema al museu. Screening of "Wonderstruck" (2017)

7è Art: Cinema al museu. Screening of "Wonderstruck" (2017)

Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 6.30 pm. Free admission

6.30 pm

Oval Hall

Free admission

PDF icon 7è Art (7th Art) Program (pdf - 1.26 Mb)

7è Art (7th Art) Program (pdf - 1.26 Mb)


The museum programs a series of films related to its own themes: collections, temporary exhibitions, biographies of artists, artworks, the creative process, the museum as an institution...

What is the origin of the museums? What were the wonderstruck? What is the conservator's job? In Wonderstruck, director Todd Haynes adapts Brian Selznick's juvenile graphic novel (The invention of Hugo Cabret) and puts us in the shoes of two deaf children who live in the 20s and 60s of the last century and discover the secrets of Natural History Museum and the Queens Museum in New York as they seek meaning in their lives. A story about young people who seek their identity, with the world of museums in the background, aimed at all audiences.



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