• Ear of maize

    A corn on the cob is formed by a fat and hidden central trunk and many grains that surround and cover it.





    Composer: Quim Simó Vallvé



    Artwork: Ear of maize, Francesc Carrera, circa 1926


  • Fountain pen

    Donde dije digo, digo Diego (To go back on your word) or the confusion generated by the blurring of the word provided over time…





    Composer: Eduard Mas Marín



    Artwork: Fountain pen, Josep Rigol, 1977

  • Glassware

    The piece is a sound landscape that, by interlacing recorded and processed sounds, describes an everyday scene such as laying the table.



    Composer: Joan Climent Roca



    Artwork: Glassware, Josep Maria Lladó, circa 1932

  • Lyons

    Sound description of the work. Rhythm as a representation of the lines of the central objects.



    Composer: Jordi Bosch Molina



    Artwork: Lyons, Pere Daura, circa 1929


  • Music and still lifes

    The writing of a musical miniature is a good practice for composers.  The short duration formats require the musicians to be clear and efficient.  Because in a minute there’s no time for frivolities.  In the subject Repertoire and techniques of electro-acoustic music, the students have to assimilate the most important examples of this fundamental trend of western music over the past seventy years. The apparently inanimate poetics of the still lifes have provided an excellent programme for developing various exercises that serve, furthermore, as a basic anthology of the main techniques of electro-acoustic creation.  The same composers have selected the plastic works based on which they have designed an acoustic space for accompanying the spectators from a free and open interpretation.




    Fèlix Pastor Olives, teacher and Head of the of Theory, Composition and Direction Department


  • [Still life]

    Undulating shapes, sine, interferences and modulations beside the sea: a crescendo towards a new space of rest and peace.




    Composer: Jan Valls Miralles



    Artwork: [Still life], Otho Lloyd, circa 1945

  • [Still life]

    Harmonics creates resonance.  Little things are born and start growing more and more.  We have the process and the result in front of our nose.



    Composer: Otger Ibars Almirall



    Artwork: [Still life], Otho Lloyd, undated


  • Still Life II

    Transition on foot through the streets of Paris, with the nature and the gold and silverwork as sound images, with their rhythmic similarities as a thread, and their differences in timbre as creative and diversifying elements.




    Composer: Víctor Núñez Tarifa



    Artwork: Still Life II, Juli González, circa 1929

  • Still life with animals and plants

    In the composition, death is represented.  Characterised by empty air, silence, the sound of dying in hospitals and that of a train in a tunnel.





    Composer: Guillem Alonso



    Artwork: Still life with animals and plants, Francesc Carrera, circa 1924


  • Still life with grapes and metal container

    The piece has been composed based on the sounds which come from the artisanal elaboration of wine.  A cushion of mixed grapes and a few drops with various delays.



    Composer: Adrià Martinez Cazorla



    Artwork: Still life with grapes and metal container, Claudi Carbonell, undated


  • Still life with hat

    Dismantling a still life.  A very descriptive piece that invites you to not only contemplate the work but also to go in deeper, and to show ourselves each element just at the right time.




    Composer: Josep Cordobés Miravitlles



    Artwork: Still life with hat, Marià Fortuny, circa 1863-1866

  • Still Life with Two Vases and Two Pears

    How the colours sound while I touch the jars and eat a pear!




    Composer: Marcel Ferrer González



    Artwork: Still Life with Two Vases and Two Pears, Pere Daura, circa 1929


  • Untitled

    The piece reflects the life and destiny marked by a chicken in the slaughterhouse or factory, in contrast with the life in the open fields of these animals.



    Composer: Gabriel Garcia Garcia



    Artwork: Untitled, Claudi Carbonell, undated


  • Untitled

    In a stem A: {5 7 8 9 A B 0 1 2 3 4 6}, it is interrupted by B: {9 4 7 0 6 A 2 8 1 3 5 B}, what becomes of A'.

    Did you say that only the characters count?





    Composer: Fèlix Pastor Olives



    Artwork: Untitled, Emili Godes, circa 1930

  • Untitled

    Brittle at the flies’ teatime #quadreMNAC #naturamorta




    Composer: Judit Vicente



    Artwork: Untitled, Josep Maria Lladó, circa 1930-1934

  • Xardor (Heat)

    The music seeks to evoke the dense and warm atmosphere that this photograph expresses by means of crystalline and malleable sounds.



    Composer: Alejandro Arrocha Rodríguez



    Artwork: Xardor (Heat), Josep Maria Lladó, undated