The museum in Visitmuseum, the new app of the museums of Catalonia

The museum in Visitmuseum, the new app of the museums of Catalonia

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Visitmuseum is the first app that gathers together information about the museums of Catalonia, in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.  The aim is to attend in a better way the foreign public that visit the museums and to offer them quality contents in different languages.  The application can be downloaded prior to the visit and on reaching the museum to use it, without an internet connection, as a support tool for the onsite visit carried out by the local users and tourists when visiting the museum.  It provides visual contents and text so that the users can enjoy the not-to-be-missed selection of works of each museum, and also lets the users locate the museums that are most nearby.  

Visitmuseum currently includes 229 museums facilities and more than 1,300 objects: 56 museums from the province of Barcelona, 27 from Girona, 10 from Lleida and 15 from Tarragona, to which we should also include 121 museum extensions (monuments and heritage sites, etc.) that depend on various museums.

The initiative is promoted by the Department of Culture and the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge.


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El museu a Visitmuseum, la nova app dels museus de Catalunya