The Modernist interiors in Barcelona

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The Modernist interiors in Barcelona


The Modernist interiors in Barcelona

Modernisme is, within the Catalan artistic context, the movement that in France is known as Art Nouveau, in Germany as Jugendstil and in Austria as Sezession. Despite the popularity of the painting, architecture and sculpture, in Catalonia Modernisme is especially notable for the decorative arts, in overcoming the distinction between art and craftwork.  Even though the Catalan creators naturally assimilate the influence of everything done in Europe, thanks to international trips, fairs and exhibitions, and publications about decoration and architecture, Modernisme has its roots here with its own personality and its own accents.     

The huge constructive activity of Barcelona after the International Exposition of 1888 led to a golden period for architects, which became multidisciplinary and was surrounded by artists and craftsmen: glassmakers, carpenters, mosaicists, etc. Architecture was no longer just a building project or the designing of furniture, but also dishes and cutlery.  Under the Modernist stamp, the designs, often inspired by models provided by nature - an inexhaustible mine of aesthetic resources, would take over all the spaces of everyday life. 


Main floor living room from Casa Lleó Morera

This work has been selected for the project «Partage Plus – Digitising and Enabling Art Nouveau for Europeana»


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