CREATORS IN RESIDENCE. Academic year 2018-2019

CREATORS IN RESIDENCE. Academic year 2018-2019


MERCÈ SOLER. IN RESIDENCE at the Menéndez y Pelayo Secondary School

Don't tell anyone Project


Mercè Soler (1976), graduated in interior design at Escola Massana, Mercè Soler (1976) is a bookbinder, writer and visual artist. Present in fairs like Arts Libris in Barcelona or ARCO in Madrid. She discovers bookbindery in Berlin and when she comes back, ten years after, she joins trade and concept. Her books are transcriptions of what is not said. Miscommunication, secret, interpretation of what the other may believe, expressing ourselves helplessly and the identity we create depending on what we can or want to represent.

For some of her pieces she used the collaboration of other trades like baking, tattooing, hunting or microbiology. This 2018 she presented her pieces in different exhibitions: Intimar(t) (Montseny), Hielo (Barcelona) and Didiscalia (Palautordera). Furthermore, she also published books like Foramen with drawings by Paz Boira, or the novel Una hache intercalada. Her latest literary project is about holes: a micro-stories compilation which talks about the border in between the two worlds behind a hole.



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