Winter 1882

Room 56
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Francesc Masriera
Barcelona, 1842-1902
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This painting, clearly aligned with anecdotal realism and portraying a girl dressed according to the fashion of the time with muffs to protect her from the rigours of winter, was a great success with critics and public following its first showing at the Sala Parés in March 1882. It comes as no surprise that the painter decided to include it among the works selected to form part of Barcelona’s 1888 Universal Exposition. A similar painting by the Russian Vladimir Makouski, a contemporary of Masriera, has also been located.



79 x 62 cm

Purchased at the 'Universal Exhibition', Barcelona, 1888

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Oil on canvas
Subject: Genre and society
Century: 19th
Francesc Masriera - Hivern de 1882 - 1882
Hivern de 1882